Google AdWords - Making a Profit from Pay-Per-Click


Google AdWords is a direct and powerful way to get your products and services in front of people who have a strong intent to purchase.


  • Monthly Reports on key metrics
  • One-to-One consultancy – advice
  • Discussion of recommended changes on phone
  • Constantly building your keyword list and 'negative' keyword list.
  • A/B Split Testing of ads to find best performers
  • Regular analysis and optimisation of campaigns settings
  • Optimising Bid Levels, identifying profitable keywords and times to bid higher
  • Eliminating poorly performing ads and keywords
  • Ad Extensions (including the new enhanced extensions for location and Click-to-Call)
  • Keyword Research (We will link Google Analytics to your AdWords account)


  • Expert advice – from campaign structure to reporting.
  • AdWords changes every month – We keep you up-to-date with latest changes
  • Maximum Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) , using bid optimisation and Ad copywriting.
  • Achieve better results than your competitors
  • Gain higher market share
  • Continuing improvement to all major aspects of your account by increasing ‘Quality Score’, reducing CPC (Cost per click), and increasing your click-through rate.
  • Save time and money



Campaign management starts at 150 euro per month. This will suit many small businesses targeting their product or service to a local market.

AdWords Campaign setup costs start at €250. Please call to find out what this will involve for your type of business.

With Google's new 'enhanced' campaigns, there are many options available for bid optimisation where the price you bid for an ad changes depending on the searchers location, the time of day or the device they are searching with (E.g. Mobile, tablet or desktop).

The price for campaign management will depend on the number of ads, the size of the keyword list and a couple of other factors unique to your campaign. Some campaigns have hundreds of ads using thousands of keywords targeting many different locations. Others may only need a handful of ads using less than 50 keywords targeting one location.

The vast majority of ad campaigns are not set up in an optimal way and continually leak money. Perhaps you need to buy a couple of hours of our time to advise you on how to get the best Return On your Ad Spend (ROAS)


Conversion Rate Optimisation - The key to AdWords Success

The best measure for successful advertising campaigns is sales. Therefore to get the best results for your advertising spend, highly converting landing pages are required. There's no point in spending the money getting them there if you can't convert those visitors to paying customers.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of testing design changes on your landing pages to increase sales.

We can analyse your website design, web stats (Analytics) and your AdWords campaign structure and bidding to ensure you get the highest Return on Ad Spend.



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